Scandinavia: Stockholm, Sweden

(Continuation of 2018 vacation to Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.)

We arrived in Stockholm in sweltering heat… 90 degrees, probably 85% humidity and no AC anywhere. The heat was miserable.

The first evening we ventured to Gamla Stan – an island in the central of Stockholm with some of the oldest buildings in the city and narrow winding streets. We found a restaurant online (The Hairy Pig), made a reservation, and headed over to see if we could grab a drink before we ate. Initially we were offered a seat inside if we wanted to eat immediately. We walked in and almost fainted – it had to be 95 degrees inside! Luckily they had some tables outside and we just waited until another table of patrons had finished eating.  And the food was worth the wait.

After two years I have unfortunately forgotten what some of these dishes were and forgot to take a picture of the menu at the time. All I know if that I wasn’t disappointed in anything.


While we weren’t spending time eating or admiring the architecture, we were out on the water trying to cool off or heading into museums like the Fotografiska or royal armory (one section was underground and delightfully cold). Whenever I return, I’ll make a mental note to travel in the fall to hopefully avoid unusually war m weather.


While in Stockholm, we also visited two outstanding Michelin rated restaurants – Oaxen Krog and Gastrologik (photos and review to come in separate posts.)

It was an amazing trip to see the home of my ancestors and am so fortunate I was able to share that time with almost all of my immediate family.

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