Velkommen! I’m Ingrid, the food and fitness fanatic behind this little piece of the blogosphere.


Welcome to Less Sugar, More Spice, where I share my love of healthy food and making it taste good, thoughts on fitness, and glimpses of everyday experiences as I strive to create balance in my life.

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD), NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and certified yoga instructor. My roots are in Minnesota were I was born and raised. After finishing my dietetics undergrad education, I moved to Illinois to attend grad school at the University of Illinois where I finished my MS, RD in Human Nutrition research. Currently I work and live in Albuquerque, NM with my partner in crime, C and our fur child – an Australian cattle dog-pit mix, Kate. Although I’m a Midwest girl at heart, I’m loving everything the Southwest has to offer (mountains, yay!).
My outlook on food is moderation – which means sweets and some of the more indulgent foods are fine in moderation.  It’s about making a lifestyle change – believe it or not, when you don’t eat something for a while you don’t crave it anymore.  Moving toward food habits that include more vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins you’ll begin to crave those types of foods.  People often have the conception of health food as something with no taste, but with adventures in cooking, I’ve found more favors and favor combinations than I could ever find in most restaurants.But with all this talk of health, I do enjoy sweets and like to bake and share what I make with other people… and often times I’ll sneak something healthy into it. 😉



I’ve been a fitness/exercise enthusiast since I was a teenager, yet I never did anything competitive with my work until grad school. In 2010 I renewed my competitive running drive by training and signing up for a half marathon (then got injured 3 weeks before the race and couldn’t run- much less walk).  Getting injured may have been one of the best things that could have happened because I finally paid attention to the importance of regular cross-training and listening to when my body was at its limits and knowing to back down.

tree-pose.jpgRunning is still a passion of mine and way to clear my head, however I’ve added Crossfit weight lifting to my weekly workouts and I teach yoga.  Lifting weights helps to push me out of my comfort zone, build strength, and really see changes I never saw with cardio alone.  Yoga is my saving grace in all things, calming my mind and restoring my body.


Seeing new places and meeting new people is something that really feeds my soul.  I have been fortunate in life to be able to travel relatively frequently.  I’ve spent a semester in the Mediterranean, galavanted through parts of Europe and South America, and been to half of the US states (coast to coast).  Now I just need Asia and Africa and New Zealand (or Australia would do nicely too).

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Ingrid, I used your blue corn blueberry muffin recipe, which was so good! I am posting a picture of my muffins on Instagram @whennonnocooks and I wanted to give you credit for the recipe, do you have an Instagram profile? I am adding your website address in the post just in case, but let me know what you prefer. Thank you so much, I love your blog!

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