Winter Break in Minnesota

Less than ideal internet connectivity prevented the publishing of this sooner, however after having nearly two weeks off from work and starting 2015, I feel refreshed.  And ready to get on top of posting some of my new recipes creations.

In the mean time, here’s a little summary of my time with family in Minnesota.

We arrived on the 24th to weather that was warmer in Minneapolis than it was in Albuquerque – that is a rare occurrence for Minnesota in December.  After reaching my parent’s house and my home town, there was no snow – only some melting slivers by the side of the road.  In the coming days, we went to walking around Glendalough State Park, wine tasting at Carlos Creek Winery, and baked some Danish – all before the rest of the family arrived – meaning the main attraction, my little 1 year old nephew. 🙂  The next few days are a blur of playing with him and just relaxing with everyone I don’t get to see but twice a year.

The travesty of it all is that I took zero pictures of food… who am I? Enjoy the people picture though!

IMG_1469 At Carlos Creek Winery – nice views and really good wine.  C loved the Port, but there was no room in our carry-ons.

IMG_1490 Christmas selfies were really difficult….

IMG_1542 IMG_1529

Cousins and little family laugh time.

IMG_1521 IMG_1520 IMG_1499

 Little E got a black bear from me that was mine since I was 8, he loved it!  Look at that mischievous look.


My favorite little boy.

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