Autumn in New Mexico Means…

Balloon Fiesta! Or at least it typically starts to feel like fall once the festival starts. It’s been averaging 90 degrees as a high throughout September and now that the first weekend of October is here (which is also the start of Balloon Fiesta each year) the temperature dropped to feelng very much like fall. Beautiful crisp mornings and a slight chill in the evenings. I love fall and everything it brings with it. 

October is a busy month in the wellness world, so I missed posting a recipes last week because I was in Taos for work. It’s beautiful there, everyone should probably visit there at least once in a lifetime. I’m planning to make some pumpkin lasagna at the end of the week, so you’ll have that receip next week. For today, I’m just going to show you how beautiful balloon fiesta in Albuquerque is and do a quck recap of some family visiting in September. 


I didn’t go this year yet – maybe next weekend if there’s time, so these photos are from the 2013 year. 

 Lots and lots of people all bundled up. 
  It’s pretty freaking ccold down on the field in the morning.  
And I almost forgot! Autumn also means my little nephew’s birthday! My sister and bro-in-law came to visit Albuquerque in September. The litte one turns two very soon! This boy is the apple-of-my-eye. 

I got him a Thomas cake to celebrate because he loooooves Thomas. I think it was a hit. 😉  
 He made friends with our fur child – Kate. He was so excited to see the “puppy” every morning. 

We went to the zoo. 

 He was probably more enthralled with the leaves and nature than some of the animals, but that’s ok. 

*Notice the “seed pod” in his hand below – wouldn’t let it go all day after we found it on a walk.   
His “cheese” smile melts my heart. I am so happy to be his Auntie Ingy (pronouced ingy like thingy, soft “g”).  Can’t wait to see him and his other autie “Lula” for Christmas!  He will have grown so much more by then!  

I love autumn, especially in the Southwest. 

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