December Balance: Kate

My Puppy Kate, Katie, Katers, Honey Bunches, my sweet little fur ball.  
Growing up we never had a dog or cats, just rabbits – which are super cute but not quite the activity companion I was hoping for as an adult. Since grad school I always knew I wanted a dog once I was out on my own, but hesitated when my first apartment really didn’t have the space or outdoor access required for the type of dog I wanted. When I started to date C, he said that he had a dog and we would take lots of hikes (and still do) with her. At first I’m not too sure she knew what to think of me – someone else taking up her owner’s time! She used to stand between our legs when C and I would like hug – just a little jealous/territorial. Kate’s definitely warmed up to me and I now am convinced I’m the favorite. Shhh, don’t tell C.

C adopted Kate about a year before we met from a local shelter. In his rendition of the story, he went in and instantly knew she was the one but the shelter caretakers kept asking if her was sure since she was so high energy and he wouldn’t be home during the day. Thank goodness he insisted and continues to run her 2-4 miles most mornings to get out some of that energy (she’s part Australian Cattle Dog part Pit Bull). She’s now 5 years old and has calmed down a little – as soon as she gets dinner she is asleep for the night most nights rather than playing tugs of war until well into the night. She’s still quirky as ever but sleeps a bit more.

This bundle of fur (lots and lots of fur) is one of the highlights of my day – she jumps out of bed when I come down stairs in the morning and greets me at the door every evening. She sniffs you then back her butt not you to have it scratched – sill pup. Even when I’m having an awful day seeing her just makes everything better. Her energy and happiness make me want the same thing, enjoying the simplest of life’s pleasures like a walk outside or playing and being silly. She helps keep me balanced and not so focused on the trivial parts in life.

Best of all, she constantly keeps me laughing: only wanting her butt scratched when you greet her, eating snow but abhorring rain, freaking out with any squeaker toy, whining incessantly until she gets her walk or run of the day, becoming startled by her own toots, only playing with toys on the rug, and so much more.

I love this girl. I really got lucky with the C and Kate package deal.

Peace and love,


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