Week of Food in Review (Food Ramblings)

Maybe this should be titled – week and a half in review? Because I’m starting at the beginning of my birthday weekend – Jan. 28th I was craving something healthy that would make my body feel not as sluggish as it had been the previous week – probably because I was completely exhausted. Any way – I pestered C until we went to Vineagrette for dinner. 🙂 I love their refreshing juices – I always get the Pepino (seltzer, lime, and cucumber?). 


 I got the Omega Salad with grilled tofu – yum! 
But some of my other favorites are the La Pepita and Eat Your Peas. 🙂
 Friday night I dug into my first Blue Apron box – more on that to come. 🙂 We made a Lemon Linguine – I thought is was fantastic, but C still needed another meat to go with it. (Story of our cooking adventures – if there’s no meat it’s not a meal.) Sigh. 


Saturday night we went out to celebrate my birthday (since it was on Sunday). We went to Artichoke Cafe, which is always one of my favorites. I ordered chicken on a bed of sweet potato polenta with Brussels sprouts and cranberry glaze. The chicken was great, but if I’m perfectly honest, I usually decide my meal based on the sides.  Sweet potato polenta – yes please. We also got ice cream for dessert, but I was too full to snap a picture – vanilla and rosemary ice cream. Delicioius.  

Sunday morning I made breakfast sandwich with an aged cheddar and green chili spread, eggs, and tomato on an English muffin. Then decided to take the day easy with a bunch of baking! I made cake, gluten free almond pear mini cakes, which I used as my birthday treat along with some organs cranberry muffins (not pictured because despite tasting good, they really were not the beauties I was anticipating.    

 Sunday night we tried out another Blue Apron meal (which I actually made a second time sans the squash and brought for lunch). A farro salad in roasted squash and then a ribollita on Tuesday. Basically a fantastic week for food.  I’ll be sure to write up a review about the whole experience after the next box of goodies.   

 And now I realize that I have rambled about nothing but food. Oh well. I’m perfectly ok with that. 

Onwards and upwards. Cheers to another year older and less than one to 30. 

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