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Many of us have hit a slump in our normal workout routine or training regime at some time or another. For me It’s been a struggle for the last 4 months to get any sort of what I would consider “normal” workout. After getting sick, then international vacation, then “recovery” only to get sick again – I think and hope I’m finally over that hill.   
A week ago I started running more regularly again to train for an October race. It’s a marathon relay, so likely my leg is 7 or less miles. Which a year ago I would have said was easy. For the past few years, with only one exception I’ve trained for the Urbanathlon (which is super fun!), about 11 mile race with obstacles in October – twice in Chicago and once in NYC. But this year, due to me having a new job and no vacation and C having a conflicting conference on the other side of the country that same weekend – I’m not running it. And doing another local race instead with a group of ladies. 

I’ve been a runner for at least 10 years and always classifed myself a runner – but after thinking about it in my current state, am I really a runner? After my race last fall, I basically quit running – at least with any regularity. I’m a morning exerciser and just couldn’t drag myself into the dark cold to run (running with a head lamp and seeing coyote eyes from the aroyos – nope, just nope) , instead opting for the gym or lighting heavy objects. There’s so much I enjoy doing and not always enough hours in the week or taxation my muscles can take. But whenever I get back to running I realize how much I love and really missed it!

So this is my promise to fall in love with running again! And I’m using friends to help motivate! I’m generally a lone trainer (with my fur child/running buddy – Kate), but find while I can rationalize and negotiate not running in my own mind, I really don’t want to let anyone else down if we make plans to run together. 

Wish me luck!

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