Last Week’s Food and Drink

(This is a repost of a post from March 20 lost on WordPress)

Hey there!  Here are some of what I ate and drank last week – at least the more exciting bits. I’m start with the most recent and working backwards. After a long week, I begged C to try a new brewery in town, Bow and Arrow Brewing Co.

I loved the decor with the herring bone pattern and all of the white, very clean yet comforting.
 On the bar they even have samples or various ingredients in their beers you can smell to get an idea of what the beer might taste like.

   Since everything was completely new to me, I decided to try their sampler tray. And for the most part I enjoyed pretty much every type.   In order of “best in my mind” 1 – Saison (so much floral and spice), 2 – Scotch Ale (it was pretty good), 3- Tumbling Waters American Wheat (really nice drinking wheat), 4 – English Mild (it really didn’t have much flavor), and finally the IPA (I’m not a huge fan of bitter beer, and I’ve only ever liked one IPA from the Great Divid in Denver).
  After beers we decided to head over to Zinc for dinner. Zinc is one of my favorite restaurants in Albuquerque. They’re always changing their menu with the seasons and we usually cozy up to the kitchen bar to watch the chefs cook (easy entertainment). I ordered the salmon with honey glaze, roasted squash and multi colored potatoes, with creamed leeks. Granted it doesn’t look super fantastic, trust me when I say it tasted great!  Thursday evening I whipped up some Nutty Parnship fries for dinner – recipe on the blog soon!
 Although this – wine and chocolate is what I really wanted to eat for dinner after the day I was having. Luckily C walked in after having been gone all week from work to find me with the wine and chocolate… I swear I eat really food when he’s gone although he doesn’t necessarily believe me. (Ok, so I’ve had ice cream for dinner a few times when he’s been gone… only two…or three.)

 Mostly my weekly dinners consisted of either grilled tofu or scallops and kale salad like the one below – chopped kale, dried cherries, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, feta, and tarragon vinegar for the dressing.  🙂

 In preparation for celebrating St. Patty’s early, I made myself seared scallops with a chive, tarragon, and pistachio crust. Umm – I need to make scallops more often, they’re super easy! And of course a couple shots from two of the loves of my life when I went back to Minnesota to visit the week prior, my nephew and brand new baby niece.  These two will have to put up with an aunt who spoils them, but I think they’re ok with that.  I just want to snuggle her. Look at those cheeks!

Can my life just be about food, travel, and fitness?

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