Wine, Women, and Wellness

This past Saturday I decided to attend a mindfulness event at Farm & Table called Wine, Women, and Wellness. It was part of their Women & Creativity series that celebrates women’s creativity across disciplines. I taught a yoga class prior and had to rush across town (with awful Albuquerque drivers on a holiday weekend), so I ended up arriving late to no available parking. Obviously I arrived I a terrific mood – I really needed this mindful stuff!  My mindfulness and acceptance seems to disappear when driving.

We started out with a review of mindfulness and the importance to be kind to ourselves followed by the pastry chef introducing our first course – a lemongrass & lavender sorbet. While we ate this we sat in silence and tried to eat more mindfully – enjoying the flavors, texture, and temperature of the dish.

Course two arrived with our wine from a local woman’s vineyard/winery. Throughout this course we were encouraged to talk with our neighbors and start to build connections. The Tamarind vinaigrette was fantastic!

  After course two we took a break to focus on a gratitude activity that explored eight different senses – the big 5 and then items such as sense of humor. 🙂 This was followed by mindful walk through the farm at which point the wind really started to pick up (spring in New Mexico). 

Our final course was cardamom tea biscuits, which did have a very nice texture and spice – cardamom just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and reminds me of some of my Scandinavian baking heritage.

All in all it was a great event, although I was hoping for a wine pairing with each course. I met some new people in the wellness industry and others that really engage and connect with the community to bring programs like this together.

I continue my yoga practice, but it is always a good reminder to keep the mental component as well as the physical component for overall health.

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